Wood-Mizer Products

Business Description:

As the leading manufacturer of portable band sawmills, Wood-Mizer is dedicated to servicing individuals and businesses which have “From Forest to Final Form” needs. Offering both manual and hydraulic models, Wood-Mizer sawmills feature portability and a thin-kerf cut. Not only can you take the mill to your woodlot sawing site, but with thin-kerf technology you produce more lumber and less sawdust. Wood-Mizer encourages good environmental habits by providing our customers with a variety of ways to plant trees for forest renewal.


Specialty Mills


  • Custom Sawing
  • Portable Sawmill
  • Millwork

Contact Information:

Brett Lottman
24435 N.E. Sandy Blvd.
Wood Village, OR 97060
United States
phone: 503.661.1939
fax: 503.667.2961