July 2014 Newletter


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New seedlings for sale listings "POSTS" are now available for the 2014-15 planting season

July 2014 Issue:   
  • Securing seedlings early is important
  • FSN 'Search Seedlings' / 'Map Search' module for starters
  • Articles about seedling purchase, transporting and storage
  •  Forest cone collections for a seed bank
  • Coming events
It is late summer and time to secure seedlings for the coming planting season. Many log trucks are on the highway, a sure sign that seedlings maybe scarce again this season. Growers have begun POSTING seedling lots for sale. Many forest landowners intend to order early this season. 

The FSN ‘Search Seedlings’ page is a good place to start looking for seedlings and to monitor for new POSTS throughout the season. Use the ‘Map Search’ module to see if there are available seedlings for your planting site. Be sure to note the elevation of your planting area and select POSTS with elevations that are appropriate for your site. You can print out the map that shows the seed zone(s) related to the selected planting site for future reference. Don't forget to contact a tree planting contractor soon. If you are planning to contract grow with a nursery next year be advised that some nurseries have changed their contract growing policies.

The Resource Section / Tips, Notes and Advice / Articles and Guides has information you may may want to review. 
     •    Transporting and Storage of Seedlings - (Washington Department of Natural Resources, Webster Forest Seedling Nursery)
      •    A Guide to Seedling Selection - (University of Idaho, Pitkin Forest Nursery)
There are additional articles on purchasing and handling seedlings.  Check them out.

If there is no seed available for sowing appropriate for your planting site you might want to collect cones yourself. Collected cones are processed and the seed stored for future sowing. When you contract grow seedlings the grower can use from your own site specific seed bank. Be sure to check with your cone processor about collection, harvesting and storing cones. Following are FSN subscription vendors who process forest species cones:
Use the FSN Event list to follow regional forest related activities. Some interesting Events are coming up:
Check out the entire list of events on the Home page (page down to see them all).
Thanks for using the Forest Seedling Network.
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