Newsletter January 2012
  In this issue:
  • 2011 website review
  • Landowners can post for their surplus seedlings
  • Upcoming events
  • Second call for Small Lot Seedling Sale announcements
  • Featured Subscription Vendors
  • Seed & Seedling Requests
  • Next Issue-- Service Directory Vendors/How FSN works for you!
2011 Website Review:

FSN Seedling Post and Search modules were in full operation all of 2011. For certain phrases, FSN dominatd Google search pages!

We are currently evaluating the website performance. The emphasis is on how folks find us on the Internet, and what they do after they access FSN. Search terms include words like:
  • Forest Seedling Network
  • Tree seedlings
  • Forest seedlings
  • Tree nursery
  • Forest seed
  • References to species, states, etc.
FSN ranks high for Google position on several of these terms. For example, the phrase "tree seedlings" gets 49,500 searches per month, and "FSN" is 84th in this often used search phrase. Oregon and Washington top the visits by state, but there is significant activity in California, Idaho, and Montana. There are opportunities to make some changes to facilitate how potential users find us.

Learning about what folks do when they use the site helps us improve functionality and efficiency. The 44,000 plus Post Searches for the year is outstanding! Users followed up and accessed the View Details for over 25% of these. The "Forest and Christmas Tree Seedling" Product Groups ranked the highest, followed by "Native Woody Plants." There was also a surprising interest in "Forest Tree Seed." Additionally, there were over 30 inbound links from other websites. Folks, thank you for your support!

Landowners - Post your surplus seedlings:

Seedling growers are the predominate posters of seedling lots on FSN. However, landowners with extra seedlings, can also use the service. You do it yourself, and it's easy! Be sure to have the seed lot information available.
Here are the steps:
  • Login at FSN. If you are not a registered user, complete the signup form.
  • Once logged in, create a post by completing the requested information.
  • Click "DONE" when you are finished, and you will receive an invoice with the option to pay by credit card.
The post fee is $10.00 each. Posting forms include a place where you can add specific notes about the seedling source and condition. If you have additional lots, you can add additional posts as well. Once a post is created, you can later change some information in your post, and/or delete it after sold. To do this, go to your MyFSN page. Posts are listed at the bottom of the page, and select edit or delete.

Second Call for Small Lot Seedling Sale Announcements:

There have been only three requests for Small Lot Seedling sales to be listed in the FSN Events section. Small woodland landowner groups-- Do not dismiss this opportunity! Last year, Linn County had 128 visits to their announcement! For information regarding what we need in order to enter your event, visit our News section here.

Upcoming Events:

February 8-11: Annual Foresters' Forum -- Coeur d' Alene, ID
February 28: IERC Annual Meeting -- Coeur d' Alene, ID
February 28: OR Forests and Water Symposium -- Corvallis, OR
February 29: IETIC Annual Meeting -- Coeur d' Alene, ID
March 19: Idaho Family Forest Landowners -- Moscow, ID
March 24: Clackamans County Tree School -- Oregon City, OR
March 29: Tree School Umpqua -- Roseburg, OR

Check FSN's Events section for Small Lot Seedling Sales and additional Tree School events.

New Subscription Vendor:

Balance Restoration Nursery, LLC
27995 Chambers Mill Rd.
Lorane, OR 97451

Seed & Seedling Requests:

Oregon Seedlings:
Western Hemlock - New Zone #1 / Old Zone 053 elevation 700
Douglas Fir - New Zone #1 / Old Zone 082 elevation 1100
Valley Ponderosa Pine - New Zone 11 / Old Zone 042 elevation 400
Western Red Cedar - Old Zones 451 / 452

Oregon Seeds:
Douglas Fir - SW Coast - Old Zones 071 / 072
Douglas Fir - Burnt Woods - Old Zones 252 / 262

Growers-- If you have seedlings that fit these requests, post them soon to receive maximum exposure!

Next Issue-- Service Directory Vendors / How FSN Works for You!

FSN is committed to full service for the Northwest Forest Landowner Community. Your requests, suggestions, and feedback are appreciated. Thanks for considering FSN to assist you in forest management planning.

Bob McNitt
Owner, Forest Seedling Network

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