Newsletter June 2009


FSN Poster Notice and User Update

REMINDER - If you are a current registered user who has not accessed the site since April you may have to use the "Forgot Password" option and enter your username to get a temporary password. It will be emailed immediately. If you do not receive a new password check your spam files to be sure it is not trapped there. If you have any questions Once you have logged in you can go to your MyFSN page and reset your password to something easier to remember. Tip: I use copy / paste to enter the temporary password.

POSTERS - All 2008-09 planting season posts will be removed June 15 or shortly after. You can visit your MyFSN page and remove them your self or let us do it globally.

2009-10 and 2010-11 planting season posts can be made at this time. Remember they will stay up until the June 15 end of their respective planting season unless you remove them yourself. Posts can now be paid for on line with your credit card.

USERS - 2009-10 posts are now being made. If you are looking for seedlings check the early posts for seedlings that fit your needs.

NEWS - The MAP SEARCH Element is close to the beta testing phase. Stay tuned you will be pleased with it and other planned site additions.