2010 California Tree Farmer of the Year - Peter Bussman

Rancher, timberland manager Peter Bussman has been selected the 2010 State Tree Farmer of the Year.  A Humboldt County “Rancher” with a tremendous track record, Peter's Tree Farm has been in the family since the early 1900’s and has been a certified tree farm since October 1,  1998.  Primary objectives of the tree farm have been timber production, grazing and livestock. He doesn’t talk about it, he just does it and he does an awful lot with not a lot. 

The Tree Farm has been the site of the Annual Forest Institute for Teachers Tour, subject to articles in the North Coast Journal, site of photos for a National Geographic article in 2009 on redwood forests, public information tours, tours for legislators, landowner associations and Humboldt State University classroom tours. His Tree Farm is one of only two “model” forests of the Forest Stewards Guild, the other one being the City of Arcata’s Municipal Forest.

What makes Peter Bussman “Peter Bussman”? He is a mentor for young ranchers, tree farmers and 4-H youth. He gives generously of his time for education and community service. You can find him cooking as a volunteer for the Humboldt County C a t t l e m a n ’ s Association fund raisers and other nonprofit groups. He was an easy selection for the 2010 California Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year.