2010 Oregon’s Tree Farmer of the Year - Harry Merlo

The Oregon Tree Farm System recognized Harry Merlo during a recent ceremony at the World Forestry Center in Portland.


Merlo owns and manages the 12,000 acre MC Ranch located about twenty miles southwest of La Grande in Union County.  About 8,500 acres of the property is forest, managed with a goal of long term recreational use and sustainable forestry. The forest supports a diverse range of wildlife, including salmon habitat in the 4 1/2 miles of the Grande Ronde River that flows through the ranch.

Merlo is recognized within Oregon as a philanthropist and an advocate of forestry education. Merlo founded the World Forest Institute in 1989 and continues to be involved with a diverse range of business ventures. Local chapters of the Oregon Small Woodlands Association select the County Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year in Oregon. The Oregon winner is selected by a team of professional foresters from the public and private sector.

For more information on the Oregon Tree Farm System, visit www.otfs.org.