Bryon and Donna Loucks - Washington’s 2011 Tree Farmers of the Year

Donna and Bryon Loucks of Centralia are The Washington Tree Farm Program’s “Washington Tree Farmers of the Year” for 2011. They are the 2010 Lewis County Tree Farmers of the Year.  Their award was announced at the April 15th, 2011 Washington Farm Forestry Association Annual Meeting at the Heathman Lodge, Vancouver, WA.


The Loucks reside on one of the 3 parcels that make up the 207 acre B&D Tree Farm, which is an outstanding example of a well-managed tree farm. Their lives revolve around tree farming. Their primary objective is to provide timber harvest income in their retirement, but equally important is the ability to do this while still receiving the enjoyment that comes from owning and working on the land, and seeing and enhancing wildlife habitat.


Founded in 1941 the American Tree Farm System ‘Tree Farm’ Forestland Certification is the oldest and largest (in acreage and number of farms certified) third party accredited Certification program for tree farmers in the nation.  The Washington Tree Farm Program committee operates the program in partnership with volunteers from co-sponsoring organizations and with volunteer professional foresters. Inspecting foresters provide advice and conduct on-the –ground inspections of forestland to meet the American Tree Farm System Standards of Sustainability for Forest Certification.


The Washington Tree Farm Program is co- sponsored by the Washington Forest Protection Association and the Washington Farm Forestry Association.  If you would like to know more, contact the Washington Tree Farm Program at (360) 736-5750 x-13.