FSN Adds New Product Group - Native Woody Plant Seedlings

Posts can now be made for Native Woody Plant Seedlings in the States of Oregon, Washington and Idaho.  The addition of the Native Woody Plant Seedling product group will be of interest to conservation groups and native plant growers throughout the region.  The Map Search option is limited due to the lack of electronic data that identifies the seed zones for many of these species.  Searchers will need to use the quick searches and run sorts to get an overview of the offerings.  In some cases an Advance Search can be used to narrow the possibilities. Map Search will show posts with seed     zones identified by the old forest seed zones or counties.

FSN is working on adding Montana and California species lists for Native Woody Plants group and expect to have them available soon.  We are sorry for any inconvenience to our users.

The addition of Native Woody Plants brings to four the Product Groups offered.  The others are Forest Seedlings, Christmas Tree Seedlings and Conifer Liner Stock Seedlings.