Changing Dynamics of the Asia-Pacific Wood Trade - Portland, OR


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Changing Dynamics of the Asia-Pacific Wood Trade

March 1 - 2, 2016  Portland, Oregon USA at the World Forestry Center

The extraordinary economic growth of many countries in Asia over the last decade has made the region a primary driving force impacting wood trade. Join us for this 2-day event featuring global perspectives on not only roundwood, but also lumber, emerging new markets in woody biomass, and other value added timber products.

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Topics include:

China log and lumber import trade: An explosive growth from 2008-2015. What is next?  Andrew Crisp, Poyry Management Consulting Shanghai

Will India become the "new China" for softwood log and lumber import markets in the next decade?  Jacob Mannothra, Zindia

North American Housing Start Trends: 2015-2020 - Probable impact on the ability of Canada and North America to export logs and lumber to Asia in next 5-10 years.  Paul Jannke, Forest Economic Associates

Russia: The biggest exporter of log and lumber roundwood equivalent into Asia Pacific. But will that last?  Sviatoslav Bychkov, Ilim Timber

Canada softwood log exports: Are there future challenges or opportunities to this important trade?  Darshan Sihota, Island Timberlands

US Pacific Northwest Log Exports to Asia-Pacific: Strategic or Opportunistic Markets in Future?  Tom Leeds, Pacific Lumber and Shipping

Softwood and Hardwood Log and Lumber Exports from Australia--Future Developments.  Matt Crapp, New Forests Asset Management

North American-Pacific Rim sawmill cost structure trends and impacts on Asia Pacific competitiveness.   Bryan Beck, The Beck Group

New Zealand is the largest log export supplier into Asia Pacific. Is there still room for growth? What about lumber?  Dennis Neilson, DANA Ltd.

Tropical hardwood log trade trends into Asia Pacific. Will reductions open a big new market for softwoods?  Tetra Yanuariadi, International Tropical Timber Organisation

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