January 2015 e-newsletter

January 2015 e-newsletter
In this issue:
  • Landowner short courses available in January and February
  • Update on Seedling availability, Planning ahead
  • Notify FSN of your events - Seedling Sales and Conferences 
  • Request Notification feature can help you track new POSTS
Events coming up in January and February of interest to Oregon and Washington small forest landowners.
Check FSN Events for scheduled Small Lot Seedling Sales in Oregon and Washington. Also check for other Events that may interest you in your area.  If you have a seedling sale scheduled and want it on the Events list please send details.

We are all aware that seedlings are scarce this year, especially for recently burned areas. Growers and landowners are beginning to identify surpluses.  These seedlings are often POSTED on the FSN website.  Check occasionally for new POSTS.  If you cannot fill your needs for this 2014-15 season, keep an eye on the 2015-16 season POSTS for next year. It is easy when you use 'Quick Search' for 2015-16 Planting Season (page down).

It is late but you still might be able to contract order some large Plug -0’s for the next planting season.  Some growers contract grow smaller numbers for containers because they can be moved around to fit available space and growing requirements.  If it's to late, be sure to keep this option in mind for the future.  Remember lead time is important as most seed requires stratification for one or two months prior to sowing in the spring.  

Current Requests for Notification:
  • Douglas fir – 2,000 -2500 WA New zone #6 or Old Zone #440
  • Douglas fir – 0-1,000 WA New zone #6 / Old zone #042
  • Western Red Cedar- 500 – 1,000 WA New Zone #1/Old zone #232
  • Douglas fir – 1,000 – 2,000 OR New zone #5 / Old zone #052
  • Incense cedar – 1,000 -2,000 OR New zone #3/Old zone #262
  • Red alder – 1,500-2,000 OR New zone #5/Old zone #262
These requests originate via Map Search. If there are no POSTS for your search criteria you have the option to make a Request for Notification. You will be notified if a POST is made that meets you search criteria. The Request Notification option is encouraged for users with problems locating seedlings.
Remember Native Woody Plants and Christmas Tree seedlings are also POSTED on the FSN website.

Are you looking for a few bud-caps?  An Aberdeen woodland owner has 1,600 extra bud caps.  They are in the original wrapped packages of 100 each.  Interested - email  clovgren21@hotmail.com.

Thanks for using the Forest Seedling Network,

Questions? Contact us:bob@forestseedlingnetwork.com