Newsletter December 2009

Forest Seedling Network

Attention Northwest Forest Landowners: FSN has made improvements to make the website work better for you

Find Your Seed Zone and Seedlings with Map Search

Give the "Map Search" a try and see how it can save you time. Select State, Product Group and Species from main search drop down boxes and then select “Map Search”. The "Map Search" opens a map where you can click your planting site. PlanterMan will leap to the clicked location to assist in identifying the related seed zones and list any seedlings Posted for the zones.

Seedling Map Search

“Map Search” only works for seed zones where map data is available for identifying the zone boundaries. There is no data available for Idaho and Montana. The US Forest Service breeding zones are available in the Post and Search Seedlings options. Searchers can continue to use the manual search options. California, Oregon and Washington have map data for the old zones, new (transfer) zones and limited tree improvement areas.

Need a New FSN Password?
If you are a current registered user; but have not visited the site since July 1, 2009 you will need to login to FSN and use the "Forgot Password" option to get a temporary password. (Link) Just enter your username and send the email. A temporary password will be emailed to you immediately. If you do not receive a new password check your spam files to be sure it is not trapped there. If you have any questions email Once you have logged in you can go to your MyFSN page and reset your password to something easier to remember.

Tip: I use copy/paste to enter the temporary password and make the change for a new password.

Posting Multiple Seedling Lots for Sale is Easy
Multiple posts will accumulate on your MyFSN page. When you are done making Posts, just click “Create Invoice” and your posts will be batched into a single invoice and added to the live site. Secure and convenient credit card payment is available online. Remember you can do limited edits to your live Posts from your MyFSN page including removing them if the seedlings are sold.

FSN is committed to full service for the Northwest Forest Landowner Community. Your comments are appreciated.

Bob McNitt
Owner, Forest Seedling Network