Newsletter December 2013

In this issue - December 2013
  • Find Seedlings
  • Forestry Event Information
Seedling Availability
Everyone is aware of seedling shortages this year especially in the Southern Oregon fire areas. For other areas there may be hope. Many growers Posted lots this past summer. They have completed their fall inventories and several have made additional Posts. If you have not checked recently another try might be successful.
Map Search allows you to identify options for adjacent seed zones and elevation band adjustments.  Note: when you use Map Search some computers take up to a minute for your first search to load.
  • Check the box on the right to see how many Posts were found and note the elevation of your planting site.
  • Then scroll down to view search Post results located below the map.
  • Be aware that Post results include all elevation bands in the search zone, a yellow planting season entry is aPost for the next planting seasonand the yellow “Sold Out”shows you who has grown seedlings in your general area.
  • If your Search was unsuccessful you can move the icon to adjacent zones that are similar to your planting site.  Sometimes these seedlings may meet your criteria.
  • You can print off maps for future reference.
  • If you are still not successful click the Request Notification link below the map and complete the Request Notification for auto notice if seedlings are posted for your planting area.
  • If you have a favorite grower who is a Subscribing vendor you can click on their Banner graphic or Featured vendor business name to access their business page, scroll down to the bottom to view their current Posts. Click for example.
Seedling Search - Request Notifications
Western Red Cedar – Western Oregon
Douglas Fir - Old Zone 262 (north end) Elev. 500-1,000 feet
Ponderosa Pine – Old Zone 722 Elev. 4,000 – 4,500
Forestry Event Information

Regional Events listings are free
If you are hosting  a Short course, field trip, meeting/conference of regional interest send us your information.
List your Small Lot Seedling Sale
FSN will again promote small lot seedling sales by nonprofit groups at no cost to the organization. Small woodland chapters, Conservation districts and others need to send information to us for entry in the Events section. At a minimum, you should submit the following to
  • Sale date, time, location and a short explanation for the event.
  • Your organization name and a contact person.
  • Any files for flyers, order forms, or maps are helpful, but not required. Files in PDF format are preferred. Include any other information that is pertinent.
Tree School Events
Please use the same information criteria as above for the Small Lot Seedling Sales.
About Tree School - Forest landowners who have never attended a Tree School should consider taking in this unique learning experience tailored to their forest management needs.
Upcoming Event Examples
December 09 - 11, 2013
January 14 - 16, 2014
January 17, 2014
February 15, 2014
March 22, 2014
There are many more Events listed on FSN.  Click to check entire Events list 

Bob McNitt, Owner

FSN is committed to full service for the Northwest Forest Landowner Community. Your requests, suggestions, and feedback are appreciated. Thanks for considering FSN to assist you in forest management planning.
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