Newsletter February 2010

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Newsletter Content

  • Recent Inquiries by Seedling Purchasers
  • New Conifer Liner Stock Seedlings & Native Woody Plant Seedlings Added
  • 2009 Oregon Tree Farmers of the Year
  • FSN Seedling Search Tips
  • Upcoming PNW Forestry Events


Recent Inquiries by Seedling Purchasers
FSN has received requests for the following seedling types from potential buyers. If you have seedling stock available for these requests, please consider posting with FSN.

  • Red Alder - Southwest Oregon Coast
  • Coastal Redwood - Oregon
  • Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Western Red Cedar, Noble Fir - Central Oregon, west of Sisters
  • Ponderosa Pine - Willamette Valley seed source
  • Western Larch - Northern Idaho


New Conifer Liner Stock Seedlings & Native Woody Plant Seedlings Added
Attention forest seedling and landscape nursery growers. FSN has added two new new Product Groups called Conifer Liner Stock Seedlings and Native Woody Plant Seedlings. The new species list includes exotic species not in the Forest Seedling and Christmas Tree Seedling Product Groups.

Seedling sales are slow this year. However many landowners are catching up and several growers have sold out seedling Posts with FSN. Posts can now be made for the 2010 – 2011 planting season.

2009 Oregon Tree Farmers of the Year
Fun Forests of Sweet Home has been named the Oregon Tree Farmers of the year. Fun Forests consists of several forestland parcels in western Linn County owned by Jim Cota and brothers Scott and Robby Melcher. Fun Forests now moves on to the Northwest Regional competition. The Northwest Regional winner then advances to the National competition.

Fun Forests intensively manages their properties for timber production and fun. Several farmland parcels have been converted to Douglas fir plantations and logged parcels are cleared and reforested with high quality seedlings. Riparian area protection and pond construction for fire protection and fishing are high priorities. The seven acre paint ball area complete with a hidden bunker are popular with the younger Melchers and their friends. Good Luck guys.

FSN Seedling Search Tips
Here are a few tips to assist purchasers easily find seedlings with the FSN Seedling Search feature.

  • Don’t forget to print a Map Search report of your planting site to put on the wall.
  • Important: The Map Search results list includes all Posts available for the seed zones related to the selected planting site and requested species regardless of the elevation band. The Map Search report shows your elevation so you can select the most appropriate Post for your needs.
  • To find seedlings for next season use advance search and enter correct planting season (2010-2011) in the drop down box and click Search.
  • Did you know that “View” gives you more information about a Posting?


Upcoming PNW Forestry Events
Contact us to share your forestry event or small seedling sale on the FSN list of events.


As always, FSN is committed to full service for the Northwest Forest Landowner Community. Your comments are appreciated.

Thanks for considering FSN to assist you in forest management planning.

Bob McNitt
Owner, Forest Seedling Network