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Heat and Ice protect Nursery Seedlings during December Deep Freeze

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  •     Growers take action to protect seedlings during freezing weather
  •     Crunch time to find seedlings for 2013-14 planting season 
  •     New Featured vendor subscribers
  •     Small woodland events
Growers take action to protect seedlings during freezing weather:
The severe freeze in early December throughout western Washington, Oregon and northern California posed challenges for seedling growers. Both container and bare root seedlings are pushed during the growing season for the height, caliper and lateral growth required for successful survival and growth in the field. In mid summer nutrients and water are reduced so seedlings begin shutting down for winter. During the cooling fall weather growers record 'chilling hours' as the seedlings start to become frost hardy. 'Chilling hours' are important because the seedling tops may look dormant but the roots are still growing.  

The forecast of freezing weather threatened tree seedlings. The recorded chilling hours were insufficient to insure frost hardness at the predicted lows. Growers had to take action. Container facilities scrambled to get seedlings inside where they could keep them warm. Bare root growers took another approach. They turned on the irrigation systems to water the seedling beds for the duration of the freezing weather. The latent heat released when the water freezes covering the seedlings is the principal factor involved in protecting the plants. The temperature under the ice was 20 degrees plus warmer than the air temperature. Photo - Ice covered seedling beds. courtesy of IFA nurseries.

Crunch time to find seedlings for 2013-14 planting season:  
Yes, seedlings are hard to find this season but this is the time of year when growers and landowners find they have overruns or seedlings they cannot use. If you still need seedlings keep checking the FSN Search Seedlings section for new Posts.  It is easy. From the website click Search Seedlings. In the Quick Search box on the right, click '2013-14 Planting Season'. The Post list is below the search options boxes. The list is date ordered - newest Posts at the top.  Review the list down to the date of your last check. For Search option explanations use this link to the -Newsletter March 2013. For small numbers of seedlings don't forget to check out the remaining Small Lot Seedling Sales in your area.

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Small Woodland Events:
This is the time of year for state and national annual meetings

Idaho Family Forest Landowners and Managers Conference and Exposition - Moscow, ID
March 24 - 25, 2014

2014 Forest Landowners of California Annual Meeting --- Mt. Shasta, CA
May 02 - 3, 2014

Washington Farm Forestry Annual Meeting - Bellingham, WA
May 15 - 17, 2014

2014 Oregon Small Woodlands Annual Meeting - Canyonville, OR
June 26 - 28, 2014

2014 National Tree Farm Convention - Pittsburgh, PA
July 17 - 19, 2014

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