Newsletter March 2010

Forest Seedling Network

Native Woody Plant Seedlings Added for Oregon, Washington and Idaho

Newsletter Content

  • New Resource Section Additions
  • Tips for Posting Seedlings for Sale
  • Advice for Finding Seedlings with FSN Search
  • Seedling Inquiries from Purchasers
  • Upcoming Pacific Northwest Forestry Events


New Resource Section Additions

Seed zone maps are available for viewing and downloading. County maps are now available for Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California and Montana.

There are two new articles under Tips, Notes and Advice. "Achieving Establishment Success the First Time" and "Understanding Forest Seedling Quality: Measurements and Interpretation".

Tips for Posting Seedlings for Sale

  • Posts made by FSN Featured Level vendors and above have all of their Posts listed on their own business page in the FSN vendor directory. Example: Kintigh's Mountain Home Ranch
  • Seedling Posts can be edited, updated and removed from the Poster's admin area called MyFSN (available from the main menu of FSN).
  • When possible, post lots with Seed Zones available for the FSN Map Search for greatest exposure.


FSN Search Tips

Advice for Finding Seedlings with FSN Search

  • Click “View” in the search results to see entire post information
  • Search Results are sortable by clicking the column headers
  • The specified planting season is available under Details
  • Use the Quick Searches and sort the Search Results list.
  • General searches are available by State, Product Group and Species.
  • Use the Map Search to identify your planting site location and seed zones.
  • Use the Advance Search for more detailed and specific searches.


Seedling Inquiries from Purchasers

If you have stock available for these requests, consider posting your seedlings with FSN.

  • Western Red Cedar – Western Washington
  • Western Larch and Ponderosa Pine – Northeast Washington
  • Red Alder - Southwest Oregon Coast
  • Coastal Redwood - Oregon
  • Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Western Red Cedar, Noble Fir - Central Oregon west of Sisters
  • Willamette Valley seed source Ponderosa Pine
  • Western Larch - Northern Idaho


Upcoming Pacific Northwest Forestry Events

FSN is committed to full service for the Northwest Forest Landowner Community. Your requests, suggestions and feedback are appreciated.

Thanks for considering FSN to assist you in forest management planning.

Bob McNitt
Owner, Forest Seedling Network