Newsletter March 2013

March 2013 Newsletter in this issue:
  • Post options increase with added species
  • Drill down on seed source via Source Area info
  • Power of Map Search – options and condsiderations
  • Tree Seed inquiries
  • Check the Events for Seasonal Activities 
Post Options Increase-
FSN has nearly 200 listed commercial forest and native woody plant species.  The species are segmented by the state where they are most common.  Local common names are used.  The scientific name is shown under the common name below the species drop down box.
Specific Seed Source can be important-
Native Woody Plant Posts continue to increase.  Usually Native Woody Plant Posts are associated with the existing commercial species seed zones.  When this approach is not adequate growers may use the ‘Source Area’ box to further identify the seed source.  ‘Source Area’ is a text description and not a criterion in the ‘Map Search’ module.  So remember after you find your most desirable Posts, check ‘View Details' to see if a specific collection source is listed.
Map Search Power -

Our last e-newsletter discussed a number of the quick ‘Search Seedlings’ options.  The FSN ‘Map Search’ is designed to assist you in finding seedlings that best fit your planting site.
  1. Set the primary data i.e. State/Product Group/Species. 
  2. Click Map Search.  A map of the selected state appears below the data form.
  3. Click the icon and place the X on your planting site.
  4. Click Search Posts.
The search results to the right lists your request, gives you additional info including planting site elevation, number of Posts for the Search and color coded seed zone explanations.  The seed zones that apply to your planting site show on the map.  You can print the map for future reference.

In this example 6 Posts were found.  To see what they are you can click on ‘View Posts’ or page down.  Review the list.  Click on 'View Details' for more info and contact information on individual Posts.  Be sure to note the Post elevations and compare with your site elevation.  FSN 'Map Search' does not search by elevation but gives you the option to see all the choices for listed zones.  If none of the Posts meet your need you can go back to the map, move the icon out of the current seed zones and click ‘Search Posts' again.  Remember the Yellow highlights mean caution – checkPlanting Season and Sold Out.  Click here to check out this example.

Tree Seed Inquiries Continue  - 
Landowners and growers who have surplus forest tree seed might want to consider Posting on FSN.  Especially if you have California seed.  Their seed inventories are low and are planning future collections.  Tree Seed Posts have different expiration criteria than Seedlings.  They are for two to three years depending when the Post is made.   
Check the Events Calendar –
The easiest way is 'Home’ and page down – Wow!  Yes we are in the Annual Meetings, Seedling Sales and Tree School period.  Check for these activities in your area. 
Enjoy your spring weather,
Bob McNitt, Owner

FSN is committed to full service for the Northwest Forest Landowner Community. Your requests, suggestions, and feedback are appreciated. Thanks for considering FSN to assist you in forest management planning. Send us your comments.