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What's New in September, 2010

  • Service Directory Improvements
  • Seedling Posting Time is Now
  • IFA Nisqually has a New Name
  • Forest Seedling Requests
  • Upcoming Pacific Northwest Forestry Events
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Service Directory Improvements

New text search and map selection options have been added to the FSN Service Directory to make it even easier for users to find the services they need. Forest land owners can search by text, category, state, and even proximity from their location to find nearby forest management Services. Nearly 1200 Services are listed in Service Directory.


Featured vendor subscriptions starting at just $30/year are available for vendors to highlight their listing. Learn more about the featured vendor options.


FSN Service Directory

Seedling Posting Time is Now

Postings are effective from the date of entry to June/July 30 of the planting season. Early posts are an effective tool to enhance your seedling marketing advantage. The Native Woody Plant Product group was added last spring and allows native woody plant growers to use the services of FSN.

There are nearly 200 species listed for the five product groups in the five Pacific Northwest states. Forest Tree Seed was the final product group added this summer. Searchers need to be aware that Forest Seedlings are already hard to find due to reduced sowing in 2009, freezing weather last December, the wet spring in 2010 and a short up tick in export log sales earlier this year.

Posting seedlings for sale with FSN is easy. Sign up for an FSN account if you don't have one. Just login to FSN to begin if you already have an account.


IFA Nisqually has a New Name

On August 12, 2010 the IFA Board of Directors honored Bill Hagenstein by renaming their Nisqually Nursery to the “William D. Hagenstein Forestry Nursery”. Bill was instrumental in the establishment of the forest seedling nursery. On January 20, 1942, the Nisqually Nursery was inaugurated with the first crop of Douglas fir seedlings used in 1943 to replant 4,000 acres of burned lands in Pierce County, WA. In the early 1970s, the Nisqually Nursery was converted to a greenhouse facility that still supplies seedlings to forest landowners through the Northwest.

Bill Hagenstein served for 28 years as IFA’s Executive Vice President. Throughout his career with IFA and beyond, Bill has been a booming voice supporting sustainable forestry and responsible forest land management. For more information, refer to Corks & Suspenders; Memoir of an Early Forester by William D. Hagenstein.


Forest Seedling Requests

Seedling purchasers who use the Map Search and do not find seedlings that meet their planting site needs can request to receive an automatic email notice when a new post matches their request. Searchers need to be aware that the Search Results for a map search lists all the seedlings in the zone(s) for the selected species regardless of the elevation. This gives Searcher information so they can decide to adjust the elevation band needs.

Recent seedling inquires made by purchasers:

    • Willamette Valley Ponderosa Pine / 2 year stock
    • Port Oxford Cedar / disease resistant / SW Oregon Coast



Upcoming Pacific Northwest Forestry Events


Catch Our Print Ads

    FSN has continuous print ads in the following publications - Northwest Woodlands, Western Forester, Landowner news, The Quarterly Bark, NW Christmas Tree Lookout and the Pitkin Catalogue. We are proud to support these Regional Forestry oriented publications.


FSN is committed to full service for the Northwest Forest Landowner Community. Your requests, suggestions and feedback are appreciated.

Thanks for considering FSN to assist you in forest management planning.

Bob McNitt
Owner, Forest Seedling Network