Newsletter September 2013

 The 2013-14 planting season is almost here!

In this issue - September 2013:
  •  Time to find seedlings and planting contractors
  •  Growers and Landowners can Post seedlings
  •  Events listed in Easy Access location! Do you have an Event to List?
  •  Forest Seedling Nurseries and Seed - Recent Subscribers 
Time to find your seedlings and planting contractor:
September is the season for new Posts, Events and forest management activities. Landowners who need seedlings for the coming planting season should purchase them soon. Log Trucks have been on the highways all summer (Photo by WF&CA). This signals seedlings are likely to be in short supply for the coming planting season. Act now and do not risk ‘Sold Out’ on the seedling Post that is best suited to your planting site. Late summer and fall is when Growers inventory their nurseries and enter Posts for surplus and spec seedlings. Several growers have already made Posts.
Landowners can Post seedlings as well as growers:
Did you know that Landowners with surplus seedlings and Forest Tree Seed can Post on the website also?  This is a valuable resale option in case you overestimate your needs. Entering a Post is easy to do yourself. If you anticipate needing a large number of seedlings you might consider contracting with one of our Subscribing growers. Go to the Service Directory and use the Search module to find a grower near you. Another clue is the ‘Sold Out’ tag now attached to Posted lots that are no longer available. Use this to see who grows seedlings for seed zones that match your future planting sites.

Events quick access.  Do you have an Event to List?
Remember Events are now listed at the bottom of the Home page (Just page down to see them). Note they are also still in the Resource Section / Events.  FSN also partners with the Western Forestry and Conservation Association and woodland owner groups in Oregon, Washington, California and Idaho to keep you informed on regional events. For additional information and local event schedules visit their websites (web address links). Do you have an Event you would like to have listed?  Send info to
Following are a few coming events:
Recent Forest Seedling Nurseries Subscribers:
The FSN website is funded via a small fee per Post and subscription revenues.  Please support our Subscription Vendors. For the complete list of Subscription Vendors click here.  Welcome to new Forest Seedling Nurseries and SeedCategory Subscription Vendors. Remember Subscription vendors Posts are listed at the bottom of their Business Page.

We are looking forward to serving you in the coming planting season.  As always please contact us if you have questions or comments.
Forest Seedling Network thanks you for your support,
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