Post Offer July 2012

Attention Growers: Check out our 2012 seedling Post Offer.

The FSN Post Seedling Section allows you to describe the seedling lots you have available for sale. Landowners can search for lots that meet their needs saving you time by not making or receiving unnecessary phone calls.
New Posters -- FREE 1 Year Featured Service Directory Subscription.
Seedling growers who make 7 posts or more ($10.00 each) before March 1, 2013 will receive a free one year Featured Vendor subscription worth $30. Featured Vendors receive enhanced business exposure. Featured vendors were viewed over 5000 times on FSN website visitors looking for forestry related services using the searchable Vendor Service Directory
You receive:
  • Prominent placement at the top of vendor search results
  • A business page with your own searchable business description
  • Searchable subcategories that further define your business
  • Contact information and a link to your own website
  • Your posts are also listed at the bottom of your FSN vendor page
Special 30/30 Plan for Large Seedling Volume Sellers
Make 30 posts ($10.00 each) before March 1, 2013 and receive the next 30 posts for free.  New Volume Posters will also receive a one year Featured level subscription.  Volume Posters maybe interested in a Banner Graphic Ad subscription.
How to Make a Post and Claim Your Credit
It is easy to Post a seedling lot. If you are a new user you will need to sign up with a username and password to access the Sell Seedlings input form.  Most of the form is drop down selection boxes.  However, there are opportunities to make specific comments about your Post. When a Post is complete click “Save” and the Post is listed to your MyFSN page, then you can begin another Post.  If you are interrupted and cannot complete all your Posts at one time, no problem, just return at a later date to complete your Posts. Important - your Posts are not listed to the live website until you click “Done” and select a payment method, either credit card via PayPal or by check.
Once a new poster has accumulated seven or more posts go to your MyFSN page create or upgrade to the Featured subscription level. When asked for payment preference select invoice. Print it out and mark "FREE Seven Post Introductory offer” and mail to Forest Seedling Network 1740 Shaff Rd #306, Stayton, OR 97383.  When a volume poster has 30 Posts print out the invoice, note “30 posts made 30/30 Plan” and mail to our Stayton address.  Tip you can count your post total at the bottom of your subscription business page.
Do You Know
  • Seedling Posts remain up until June 30 of the planting season (July 31 for ID and MT).  Note you can make posts today for the 2013-14 season that will not expire until the June/July 2014 cutoff unless you remove it yourself.  Tree Seed Posts expirations are different.Searchers have multiple search options including Map Search where the user selects their planting site on a map and the program generates a map showing the seed zones for the site, other related information and a list of matching Posts.
  • If a Searcher finds a seedling post that interests them they click the “View Details” button to get additional information and your contact information.  The Searcher then contacts you.
  • There are 5 Product Groups and nearly 200 different species listed for the 5 states served by FSN.
  • Seed zone selection options are those that are most common in the area and may include the traditional old zones and new zones as well as breeding units, counties and eco-zones.  Seed source information is variable by state.
  • You can do limited editing of your Posts via your MyFSN page.  If the Post is sold out you can remove it from the website.  This should reduce calls asking about seedlings you no longer have for sale.
FSN is committed to full service for the Northwest Forest Landowner Community. Your requests, suggestions, and feedback are appreciated. Thanks for considering FSN to assist you in forest management planning.
Bob McNitt Owner, Forest Seedling Network
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