FSN Users Guide

Using the FSN Website

Sell Seedlings (Post)

A seller may be anyone with surplus seedlings i.e. growers, large companies or small landowners. A small fee is charged the Poster. Posting is for the period from the posting date to June 15 of the planting year, after this date the posting will be automatically be dropped. Posters sign up with a user name and password on their first Posting. This will allow them to make additional postings, changes in their original posting(s), remove or cancel postings after seedlings are sold. Changes are made on the users My FSN page.

Posted information includes:

  1. State
  2. Product Group
  3. Species
  4. Seed Zone Type (absolute for Forest Seedlings and Forest Tree Seed)
  5. Seed Zone
  6. Elevation band
  7. Planting Season
  8. Seed Source Area (Optional for all but required if no Seed Zone Type is selected)
  9. Stock type
  10. Improved seed
  11. Contact preference
  12. Lot code (grower identification)
  13. Quantity (number of seedlings)
  14. Minimum sale amount
  15. Comments (brief description of lot quality)

Search Seedlings (Buy)

There are several ways to Search for Seedlings (Seedling searches are free). The Buyer contacts the Seller directly to arrange for purchase. FSN does not broker or make any warrantee for the quality of the product.

  • Basic Search - the Searcher enters the State, Product Group and Species then clicks SEARCH to get a list of all Posts for the particular species. Note: Quick searches are another way to get broad based Postings using predefined criteria. The lists can be sorted by clicking the column headings.
  • Advanced Search – the Searcher further defines the seedlings he is looking for by adding to the Search criteria; seed zones, elevation bands, planting year, improved seed, and stock type.
  • Advanced Search options include:
    1. Seed zone types
    2. Seed zone
    3. Elevation band
    4. Stock type
    5. Planting season
    6. Improved seed
    7. Quantity desired
  • Map Search - the Searcher identifies the State, Product Group and Species then clicks Map Search which opens a Google map. The Searcher identifies the planting site with the icon and clicks Search. Map Search will identify the Seed Zones applicable to the planting site located on the map and returns a list of Postings for the site. In addition the Map Search results can be printed. If there are no Postings for the selected site the user can request email notice if a Post is made matching the request. Map search is limited to species that are associated with an area map file suitable for layering. Exotic species listed in Christmas Tree Seedlings and Conifer Liner Stock Seedlings cannot be found using Map Search. Users should use Advance Search option for exotic species.

Vendor Services Directory

Advertising is a primary source of income to support the website. This section is a valuable resource for the casual user. Service Directory Vendors can assist forest landowners in most tasks necessary to accomplish successful forest management projects. Vendors in the region may have a complementary listing in the Services Directory under one of the 11 general categories.

Vendor Search

  • Category Search – Select one of the 11 general categories and check the alphabetical list. Bolded listings are Featured Vendors and have their own Business Description page. Click the Business name to access this detailed data. 
  • Word Search – Type a name or phrase in the Search Box and click Search. For Featured Vendor level and above the search includes the vendors selected sub categories and the written business description.
      General Categories:
      1. Aerial Operations
      2. Equipment and Forestry Management Supplies
      3. Forest Seedling Nurseries and Seed
      4. Forestry and Christmas Tree Contractors
      5. Forestry Consultants
      6. Log Buyers
      7. Logging and Log Hauling
      8. Other Services
      9. Special Forest Products Buyers
      10. Specialty Mills 
      11. Taxes and Financial Planning

    Featured Vendor Level and above describe their Business with Sub-categories and written description.

Vendor Listing Levels

  1. Basic Listing- Name, address and phone
  2. Featured – Bolded name, address, phone, email, website link, subcategory listings and 80 word business descriptions. The sub categories and business descriptions are included in word searches 
  3. Graphic Ad – Featured level benefits and a graphic presentation on the Vendor list page. Sort of like a phone book. 
  4. Side-bar graphic – All graphic ad benefits and random placement on the right hand side of all pages 

Graphic ad preparation service

FSN provides vendor advertisers the option to have their ad professionally prepared

Vendor upgrade

A current complementary vendor level listing can be corrected or upgraded by the Business. The Vendor logs on to the site and claims the listing. This will trigger a request for approval. Once the request is verified and approved by FSN the vendor can log on and go to their MyFSN page and make corrections and upgrades.

Vendor not listed

If you are a Business serving the Pacific Northwest forest management community you can add your own business to the Service Directory. Go to the FSN home page and click “Vendors create your own listing here” and follow the instructions.

Resources Section

Section adds additional assistance and information for Forest Seedling Network users.Current sections:

  1. FSN User Guide
  2. News and Updates 
  3. Tips notes and Advice 
  4. Events including small lot seedling sales 
  5. Links 
  6. Seed Zone maps   
Users are encouraged to offer material that could help others and make suggestions for additional sections.

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